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Oftentimes, early stage and small businesses do not recognize the value in effective tax planning and legal guidance (with respect to tax-related matters), and may assume that such services are suitable only for larger corporate entities with more significant assets and liabilities.  In truth, however, tax-related issues can impact small and mid-sized businesses in ways that may not be self-evident.  With the aid of a qualified attorney and CPA, you could discover that your tax liabilities are lower than initially expected, thus giving your business additional funds with which to reinvest into growth.

Here at Wilson & Wilson Co., L.P.A., our team has an extensive taxation practice, with experience booth in pre-litigation tax advocacy, and in litigation before the US Tax Court.  We are willing and able to take control of a tax-related matter from beginning-to-end so as to ensure a favorable result for clients.

Pre-Litigation Tax Advocacy

Generally speaking, tax-related matters are best handled before the underlying conflict spirals into full-blown litigation.  For that reason, we engage clients early and work closely with them to plan, review, and provide advisory counsel with respect to tax (and returns).  If our client has been targeted for an audit, we act as a legal liaison between the client and the IRS, and serve as a relentless advocate in negotiating a potential resolution with the IRS.

Litigation in the United States Tax Court

In some cases, litigation is unavoidable.  We are willing litigators who have — over several decades — built a reputation as aggressive and thorough advocates, in and out of the courtroom.  Further, our attorneys have real-world experience appearing before the US Tax Court, something which many of our competitors do not necessarily have.

Our ability as litigators serves us well beyond the courtroom.  Various government entities (like the IRS) are aware that we will take a case to trial if necessary to secure our client’s rights.  As such, we are often in an advantageous bargaining position when it comes to negotiating a settlement.

If you would like to speak to a qualified attorney about a tax-related matter — whether the fundamental concern is straightforward or complex — then we encourage you to contact Wilson & Wilson to arrange for a consultation.

Here at Wilson & Wilson, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide truly comprehensive guidance in tax-related matters, from reviewing and advising commercial clients on taxation, to supervising audits.  We have direct training and experience in handling various tax-related matters.  Attorney Robert Wilson is a licensed CPA and has been admitted to — and litigated before — the US Tax Court.

This background has proven invaluable over the years, as it ensures that we not only have the expertise necessary to secure a favorable result for our client, but that we can do so in an efficient, cost-effective manner.