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What Makes Us Different

Wilson & Wilson Co., L.P.A. is a boutique business law firm with extensive offerings in commercial litigation, transactional, and legal advisory matters.  For over half a century, our attorneys have advanced the interests of clients in Ohio and beyond.

When choosing a firm, it can be quite daunting for clients to evaluate their options. We believe effective legal representation puts the client front and center.  To that end, we have structured Wilson & Wilson to emphasize a more personalized and efficient boutique offering.  This — ultimately — is our core competitive advantage.

As experienced attorneys, we are capable of assisting clients in complex matters.  Despite our sophistication in handling such legal issues, we are committed to providing value with efficient service while keeping our overhead costs low (which includes eliminating unnecessary and excessive practices typical of larger firms, such as minimum billable hours and using multiple attorneys or staff for duplicative work).  This enables us to get to know our clients better and invest significant resources towards each of them.

Our clients appreciate that we are able to engage with them on a level most other firms simply do not even attempt.  This high level of engagement is further enhanced by our commitment to maintaining a technological edge over the competition — we provide clients with virtual case files, for example, which makes the representation process more transparent and makes it simpler to update documentation as necessary.  It also empowers us to avoid delays and be responsive to client needs.

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Broad Transactional and Litigation Practices

Here at Wilson & Wilson, we offer a wide range of services in our role as outside corporate counsel for small to mid-sized businesses.  We also work with clients who require assistance with personal injury and medical malpractice issues.

We routinely handle complex litigation, transactional, and advisory matters of significant concern, from liability assessments to contract negotiations to trial litigation, and more.  

This end-to-end approach to legal advocacy ensures that our clients are provided the sort of holistic representation that properly accounts for the challenges and opportunities that are unique to their circumstances.

Who We Are


Founded in 1954, we are a third generation law firm that — in the decades since — has rendered comprehensive boutique representation to a wide range of businesses and professionals in Ohio, throughout the United States, and even clients located abroad.

As a boutique, our team of attorneys is committed to helping our clients by providing sophisticated, but personalized service.  This approach is fundamental to our success in handling truly challenging, complex legal matters.

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